SafeCat Outdoor Enclosures
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The top is covered with either plastic or wire netting. There's no way your cats can get out of this enclosure unless they have a pair of wire cutters handy. Of course, I happen to believe if cats had thumbs we would all be in trouble! The wire netting is inexpensive, thin, and from a distance, very hard to see. Also, the fact that I used minimal wood framing, makes for an enclosure that will not be a neighborhood eye-sore.

The drawings are simple and easy to read and understand!

The wire netting (chicken wire) is simply stapled to the frame. I used 48 inch wide rolls which easily fit and attach to the support beams. For the top I also used wire netting, but wish I would have used the plastic all purpose netting instead, as it's about the same price, easier to install, and you simply do not need the strength of wire netting at the top!

Below is an example of a module as shown in the book:
Safety Enclosure
About My Enclosure