This little guy has gone through more than his share of problems. He had a serious middle ear infection and had one hell of a time walking (really can't), eating, and all the other cat fun things to do like play with his brothers (Dash and Dodge). Now the infection is gone, but he still has the same problems! However, HE doesn't think he has a problem! He tries to operate just like he used to and crash and burns a lot! If there's any example in the world of NEVER give up hope... He also gets cold easily and we cover him with a towel. In this case, I guess Gracey feels that he still wasn't warm enough and came over and layed on him to help him stay warm. Now, who says cats are not affectionate? We WILL find the problem and we WILL get it fixed!!!

UPDATE: Turns out Dart had bacterial infection in his spinal cord! With a lot of patience and medicine - the infection is gone... I had to hold him up and cradle him as he walked around for about 8 months, and we soon communicated well enough as to where he would let me know when he wanted to get up. I would hold him up and walk with him to get to where he wanted to go (usually the litter box)...He's unstable, and a walks a little wobbley, but he's alive! And that's with a capital "A"! Dart is the family comedian these days. He's a delight to watch, and is the happiest cat on the planet! He refused to give up, and we worked through it together for a very very long time! Dart is a major insperation for me whenever I get a little down..I just think of him and what he overcame! I think he is well aware how close he was to not making it. He absolutely LOVES everything about life. Eating, playing, sleeping, and roaming around the enclosure smelling the grass or flowers.