This is Dart livin' the good life! He's on a lap and laaaaayed back Big Time!

Here's Dart resting under a blanket keeping warm. His brother Dodge is at his side looking out for him. Dodge stayed real close to Dart during those bad days.

Dart went through some kind of hell a few years ago. It took a while for our vet to figure out that he had a bacterial infection in his spinal cord. Dart could not walk, he went into epleptic type fits once in awhile, and we had to literally walk him around by holding his body as he attempted to walk. This went on for about eight months or so, with periodic massive doses of anti-biotic medicine. Dart and I developed a communication where he could let me know when he needed to be walked to the litter box and held while he went, or when he wanted to be fed, etc. He slept up right next to my shoulder each night head propped on the sholder while he lays his front leg over my arm..and has never stopped, even though now he gets around quite well on his own! His brothers really watched out for him during this was an amazing thing to witness. Cats are natural survivors, but Dart wrote the book on it!

Here's Dart today...He's a wee shakey, but compensates beautifully. This little guy is an inspiration...We call him "Maximum Dart!" cause he does EVERYTHING to the max, eat, sleep, and play! He simply LOVES life!