Gracy (and her brother George) were dumped off the side of a very heavy intersection taped up in a cardboard box. They were tiny kittens, solid black and frightened to death! Andrea spotted them pressed against each other right at the edge of the intersection. It had rained that day, which softened the cardboard and they could claw through it. We figure they were in that box at least 2 or 3 days! To this day they both drink water a lot. And, they really have trouble getting in a cardboard box.

Anyway, Andrea called me and it took us around 6 hours to finally catch them. It had gotten dark and believe me, these two were hard to spot! We caught Gracy, but George was NOT about to let THAT happen to him. We finally decided to let Gracy go in hopes that George would come to her to protect her and we could get them both. He did, and we did (catch them) and they both are quite the pair! We called them George and Gracy in honor of George Burns who died just about the time we found them. These two got together before we could get them fixed and brought us the three boys (Dart, Dodge & Dash). There was a girl, but she died shortly after birth! Gracy is a lot fatter now. She was a hjoly terror when the kittens were new. NOBODY came anywhere near the back bedroom becasue she would tear off after any and all who dared. It was funnt to watch the other cats sort of walk by the hall way and look down..but never turn in.