This guy came around while we were living in Las Vegas. It was obvious he was a domesticated cat and had a lot of love and affection. Andrea feels he was either abandoned when somebody moved or somehow got lost which is really rare for a cat! Anyway, he lived in our back yard and we provided a dog house and a heating pad (in winter). When we decided to move to Florida, we elected to take him along at the last minute and we are so glad we did. Our first fear (really mine) was that the other cats would tear him to pieces. That didn't happen at all. And when we brought George and Gracy home, Oscar became Mr. Mom and raised them into great cats. Oscar is a huge cat but very gentle. A gentle Giant! He ALWAYS waits until all the other cats finish eating before he'll step up to a plate. even when we put a plate down in front of him..he'll walk away. Oscar has passed away from Feline Leukemia and I miss him..a real classy gentlecat all the way!