Max is a great cat. He has taken ownership of me (Jim) and he will come anytime I call his name (for a cat THIS is unusual). Max was a twin. His brother (Nosey) was killed by a car near our home in Austin, Texas. They were absolutely identical except Nosey had a small scar on his nose (thus, the name), and that was the only way we could tell them apart. Max caught Feline Leukemia and it was a rough time. But he beat it, and if any cat could - it would be Max.

Max has taken over my office and spends a great deal of time there in HIS chair. I think it's a way for him to get away from all the others and spend some quiet moments napping as he dreams of stalking squirrels in the woods. However, Dart (remember the holy terror?) has now discovered the office as well, so he also comes in (he's here now as a matter of fact) and sleeps in one of the chairs. max doesn't seem to mind. Dart and Dash actually are the only two who can open the folding door, and they do it in one swoop. it's really something to see!