George was rescued along with his sister (Gracy) when they were a few weeks old. He is absolutely gorgeus. Solid black, solid muscle and quite large. He's trying to sort out domination between he, Max, and Cream. Of course, Max and Cream are having no part of it. So, poor George is a bit frustrated these days. He's very vocal. As are Gracy, Dart, Dodge, and Dash. The have a myriad of different sounds and as a result, communicate quite well with each other and the bipeds in the house as well. Actually, George periodically sings to us as he walks around. Really soemthing to hear. All these beautiful sing-song sounds he makes. This picture really doesn't do him justice. He's so animated (no pun intended) in his facial expressions and body language--communication is not hard with george! George passed away in 2003. I miss him very much!

Here's the clan all watching over and protecting Dart who'e waaaay in the back between the pillows! We got George front left, Dash Front right, Dodge Back left and Oscar near Dart! Gracy is in the room out of camera range in front of the bed...This went on for about 8 months until Dart started getting better. Even today, a few years later. Dart still sleeps between the pillows with his head resting on my shoulder.