The first thing people usually say when they hear I have 14 cats is something on the order of "Are you out of your (expletive) mind?".

Does it take a lot of maintenance? Yes, but the real question is "Is it worth it?" and that's a BIG yes!.

This whole thing started when a stray (Madonna) came to our door (married at the time) looking for food. She was very shy, and (we didn't know it at the time) pregnant! My first reaction was not to feed her, cause she might hang around. I know...pretty insensative...but hey, I've grown a bunch since those days!

I can't really go into the whole history of our cat family because it'll take many pages...What I really want to say is what a tremendous thrill it is to have all these wonderful animals living side-by-side with us. This isn't a typical house-cat scenario at all! Because we had so many, and a majority were raised with all their wild instincts intact (except killing), we have watched the pride break into family factions, establish territories, and periodically posture or reposture--depending on who wins the argument at that particular time.

We can pretty much tell who's who, just by their sound (meows) and they're all very individual. They all have different personalities, some are sweethearts and easy going, some are grumpy, and then those who fall into everything in between.



Cream is the son of Howard, and is a sweetheart. He gets along with almost all the cats most of the time. Occasionally, he'll put his paw down to express his authority, especially to George who is constantly challenging supremacy in the pride.


Dart is an absolute 'Wild man'! He is out there...but he's such a delight and he loves to be on the leading edge. He'll try anything once! We call him "Dartman!" I sing the TV Batman theme using 'dartman' instead, and I think he knows..because he always talks to me when I start singing.


Dash is a great big lovable cat who stands on his hind legs wraps his front legs around and hugs your leg when he wants attention! His feeling get hurt very easily. He 'lives' for a lap to snooze in in the evening when we watch TV!


I a perfectly shaped black Tabby and a very very gentle kitty! He and Dart play constantly running through the house hiding, attacking each other...It's a blast to watch!


Emily is a real 'Southern Belle'. She's gentle and has the cutest little meow!

George - deceased

George was a kitten who was tossed together with his sister Gracie on the side of a road in a taped up cardboard box. He is the most verbal cat we have ever met. He has a very large number of sounds and expressions, He has a 'sing song' group of meows he uses a lot as he walks through the house..It must be some version of kitty singing...! I miss George a lot...


Gracie is a small little dynamo. She and George gave birth to Dart, Dash, and Dodge. When they were very young, NONE of the other cats dared even come close to the back bedroom for fear of this little Tasmanian Devil who took after any and all cats (besides George of course) to keep them away from her kittens!

Howard (Ms.)

Howard was a male, or so we thought until she decided to get pregnant and have kittens! The reason for this is she was raised wild..It has taken 6 years to get her comfortable enough to let us pet her and she'll even get in our laps once in a while!


Madonna is the start of all of this (with the exception of Rupert who came with Andrea). We called her Madonna because she was always getting pregnant, and because she was wild, it took us about a year or so to capture her and get her fixed!

Max (Maximillian)

Max is the son of Howard...He's the "Cool Dude!" Max will come to me anytime I call. Back in the days when we let them run free, he would come from wherever he happened to be at a run anytime I called his name. This is a gentleman and a sweetheart of a cat...An Orange Tabby!


Mikey is absolutely georgeous. Her eyes are incredible as well as her gray and back swirl markings.

Oscar - deceased

Oscar was huge! He came to us when we lived in Las Vegas and never left. Oscar was a "Mr. Mom" When we brought home George and Gracie. He raised and taught them...and did a damn good job! He was a gentlemen..well mannered and not aware of his size at all.

Rupert - deceased

Rupert was the absolute first cat in the house! He came with Andrea and she found him in a dumpster when he was a few inches long! Rupert passed away and we miss him terribly. He was so very special that words cannot possibly describe him! Rupert was a phoenominal influence on all of us!


Shara is our 'Jewish Princess'! She has a great face, but 'bitches' a lot whenever other cats get anywhere near her (which is almost all the time - given the number of cats we have!). She literally barks the throaty "Whuuff" that dogs do...! It's very funny to hear this sound coming out of a cat!